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Midnight Oil

Sep 09th 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Spark Arena




Midnight Oil is more than just a rock & roll band. From the northern beaches of Sydney to the streets of Manhattan, they have stopped traffic, inflamed passions, inspired fans, broken new ground and now, this September, Eccles Entertainment is bringing you the band in the flesh! 

This will be Midnight Oil’s first headline New Zealand show since playing the Supertop in 1990. They later returned to play Mountain Rock Festival in 1995 still making it well over 20 years since New Zealand audiences have had the true satisfaction of watching the band live! Seeing Midnight Oil in full flight is to experience the transcendent, kinetic power of live rock & roll.

They leave you inspired to live life more passionately and to Get Involved. This September is New Zealand’s time to Get Involved.